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With Pegasoft, your next move is



Everything you need is included in one software!


We offer the "Ultimate" version of business software with a high performance guarantee. Pegasoft Ultimate includes all the tools and functions you will need in the business world. It accesses the data you need among hundreds of thousands of records with one click, saves your data securely, and strengthens the cooperation and communication between your departments.


Gather all your departments under one roof. Experience the difference between working hard or working smart with Pegasoft Ultimate.


Meet the power of artificial intelligence. Pegasoft Ultimate coordinates all the information that is prioritized for you among your data, and keeps the functions and features you frequently use at hand according to your workflow.


Don't worry about different packages, licensing fees and terms of use. Pegasoft Ultimate is a software that contains hundreds of features and functions, most importantly, can be customized according to your needs. In this way, you don't pay for any feature you don't use As your needs change, you can upgrade your software with modules that contain the features you need at minimum cost without purchasing a new program.

User Experience

A brand new user experience awaits you with a simple and customizable interface and simple workflow. In Pegasoft Ultimate, you can customize your workspace, menus, tables, forms and database queries as you wish.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Try Pegasoft Ultimate for ultimate success in your business. Moreover, the first 30 days are free! (Additional conditions may apply for companies requesting special software development and consultancy. For detailed information, please contact us.

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