The retail sector where competition is very intense has abandoned the product-oriented approach and adopted a customer-oriented approach. At the same time, the retail sector, where it is important to keep up with innovations very quickly, has a structure that must be managed in an integrated and successful way from logistics to cost processes. Pegasoft is aware of its unique ways of doing business and is aware of its needs; With its successful projects and business intelligence solutions in this field, it provides the opportunity to make the right decisions by managing the business management costs effectively, accurately, and quickly.

With the retail sector solution offered, it makes a great contribution to the effective use of technology by company employees and to create a difference compared to competitors. Agility, flexibility, and efficiency are provided to retail companies by carrying out studies reflecting financial statements and customer satisfaction.

"We insure our company, which serves at many points in Turkey and abroad, with Pegasoft, a well-established system provider."

Arzu Nur Niziplioğlu
Hatun İstanbul

"The principled and corporate structure of Pegasoft has taken us one step further, contributing to our follow-up of our branches regardless of time and place and to make the right decisions. "

Ömer Düzgün
Turkish Retailers Association

"The control of our shopping centers and our fast sales management have become very convenient and easy with our tens of thousands of stocks."

Qaçay Şirinov
Cahan Holding Azerbaycan

"As the Dünya Automotive, we have been benefiting from Pegasoft solutions for a long time. Pegasoft's corporate structure and its meticulous work carried us to an important point."

Hamit Bayraktar
Dünya Otomotiv

"Pegasoft carried us forward by providing us with many convenience, from instant movements in the sector to long-term transactions."

Mehmet Akarsu
MMS Çelik Söve ve Yapı



Enterprise technologies play a major role in making flexible and correct decisions, especially in the face of fluctuating market dynamics. In addition to material requirement planning and cost details, which are important in production, a decision support mechanism with correct data should be obtained. By monitoring real-time production costs, you can save costs and increase your power in a global environment by setting up transparent and reliable production methods in the system.

With its experience and successful projects for manufacturing businesses, Pegasoft combines its solutions with the sector, shedding light on the path of companies. It makes realistic forecasts by taking into account demand forecasts and sales movements with business intelligence. By analyzing accounts and users in detail, it detects the customers who are likely to lose and proposes new solutions for them. At the same time, it determines the basic trends of the system accounts and gives new sales recommendations. In this way, it provides the best service to the customers and the customer loss is reduced to zero.

"We see Pegasoft as our family, since our relationship with Pegasoft, our strongest foundation, goes back many years. Until this time, they did not let us down in any of our requests."

Rıfat Akın

"Our company, which has increased its business potential, has always been able to provide the support it has been looking for with Pegasoft Solutions since its establishment."

Erol Doğan
5B Mühendislik

"As Kılıçoğlu, Pegasoft has increased its efficiency in business processes by 90%. We meet all our needs in our growth process with Pegasoft."

Murat Kılıç
Arzen & Kılıçoğlu

"The products we use in all our production, wholesale and retail sales processes have also become our closest instrument in our process automation and electronicization processes."

Taner Ardahanlı
Şahika Boya ve Kimya A.Ş.

"We meet all our needs with Pegasoft solutions during the growth process we are experiencing. Pegasoft is always with us with quality solutions."

Mehmet Tanoğlu
Sama Catering

"Our company, which provides services on sheet metal and insulation in the region, is already rapidly progressing to become a leading company with its large production capacity. As Yakamoz building family, we are very happy that we chose Pegasoft solutions."

Ertuğrul Yardımcı

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution

Developing technologies, constantly changing market dynamics, and increasing customer demands change the way distributors and wholesalers do business. Distributors who want to increase customer loyalty need to obtain data from a single source and optimize processes. In this way, the company increases its loyalty by providing customer interaction and satisfaction as well as its own institutional development.

With Pegasoft, the demands of customers and suppliers are met proactively. Everything from demand, planning, inventory, and supply chain management is developed. Operational excellence is achieved by running flexible and fully integrated processes. Complete visibility into business processes including inventory, sales order processing, invoicing, accounting, warehouse, and delivery. Stability is increased by effectively creating and easily managing the supply chain and network. With business intelligence, an inspection and tracking system is established by obtaining fast and accurate reports for incoming and outgoing shipments, inventories, product locations.

"With Pegasoft, we strengthened our aim to transform our service understanding into a national structure rather than a regional one with its wide product range."

Alper Demir
Bilgi Dağıtım

"The business culture of our company, which has a 60-year history, has taken a different dimension after becoming a partner with Pegasoft."

Hakan Öztürk
Garanti Mobilya

"The solutions Pegasoft offers for its users are the greatest example of its good work. With the growing business volume, we preferred Pegasoft to manage all its processes more efficiently."

Raif Azak
Azak Kol. Şti.

"Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Pegasoft pleases us thanks to its fast, uninterrupted and practical work. They also made us happy with their solutions that alleviate both our time and workload. "

Sefa Yardımcı
Yardımcı Grup

"Pegasoft has become a solution partner for us that enables all of our sales and marketing operations to be managed, monitored and reported."

Fatih Gündüz
Fatih Konfeksiyon


As Ergün Gıda, we are realizing our growth process with Pegasoft solutions.


Cafer Ergün
Ergün Gıda



The industry area formed by companies that generate income by offering intangible products and services is called the "service sector" or "tertiary industrial sector". The service sector is a growing sector day by day. The main reason for this can be explained as "the demand for human intelligence". At this point, Pegasoft responds quickly to changes with business intelligence solutions and constantly updates itself.

It also enables business partners to make up-to-date and accurate analyzes, and to be productive by increasing their capabilities in the sector. Thus, a more productive structure emerges by saving workload and time with the help of artificial intelligence.

"Thanks to Pegasoft, we are advancing our experience and professionalism by offering higher quality and reliable works."

Elif Özdil
Turkey Cement and Cement Products Council

"In LagosPark, the largest shopping center in the Serhat region, we have been managing our 14 stores with Pegasoft for 7 years, with instant support and fast solutions."

İhsan Tutkan

"Pegasoft is one of our best travel companions, adding value to our journey with its solutions. We would like to thank Pegasoft software and its team for accompanying our journey and responding to all of our business and investment needs."

Mehmet A. Çakmak
Aynet Dijital Çözümler

"Pegasoft enables us to manage time efficiently, to obtain accurate and reliable information in the fastest way possible, and to provide better and decent service for our citizens."

Burak Yumuk
Kültür A.Ş.

"With Pegasoft solutions, we offered cleaning products with transaction complexity to our customers in the easiest way, while minimizing costs on the production side."

Selçuk Uygur
Dr. Atom

Healthcare & Medical


Technological developments in the health sector bring many benefits. Progress made in terms of medical and medical developments positively changes human life and contributes to the development and increase of production and efficiency in the health system. These developments, bringing along economic growth, also constitute the center of innovation in the health system.

The health and medical sector contain many special applications compared to other sectors. In addition to its general structure, Pegasoft aims to shed light on the sector by developing its privileged contents in the health sector to meet the needs of organizations in this sector. Pegasoft, which updates itself with the changes in the health and medical sector and enables accurate analysis, does not compromise on simplicity and clarity under any circumstances while presenting its advanced structures to the sector. Pegasoft, which carries on its works meticulously by prioritizing the impact of the health sector on human life, desires to convey its experiences in the most accurate way.

"Our clear and rapid control of all processes, from taking our potential sales under control to delivery and after-service follow-up, has made us work more efficiently."

Adem Yılmaz

"Pegasoft has always been with us to overcome the challenges of growth. In this process, it helped us to be one of the few mask manufacturers in our country by not only reducing our workload, but also by supporting us in a guiding role."

Burak Saatçioğlu
Mesan Sağlık

"We have become the leading company in the sector by closely following this sector, which is developing and progressing with Pegasoft solutions."

Turgay Kalenci
MT Medikal

"While we need more than an ERP program in the health sector we work in, we found the differences we were looking for in Pegasoft solutions."

Yusuf Şen
Şen Medikal

"With Pegasoft solutions, we can easily track this product variety and obtain the reports we want instantly and reliably."

Emre Oğuz
Özgül Medikal

Agriculture & Livestock

Agriculture and Livestock

Agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey favorable ones, with mechanization and modernization, has become necessary to increase the automation and process control needs. Achieving productive results in the sector and making future-oriented decisions as a result of this information has an important place.

Pegasoft not only stands by the user in this sector from the first moment of production until the process is completed but also helps the user to interpret the transactions made at the end of the process and make new decisions in the balance of profit and loss. In this way, it contributes to the completion of the work process efficiently and productively by reducing the burden of the user in the agricultural products and livestock sector with a high workload and accelerating the process. Turkey also has adopted a policy that plays an important role in reducing dependence on agricultural products from outside and working to improve its services to provide added value to the livestock sector in Turkey.

"Pegasoft, with which we run the GHUAM project of our university, has made serious contributions in the decision-making and follow-up stages."

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaprak
Atatürk University

"While serving agriculture, which is one of the most important areas in terms of national development, we found the support we need in Pegasoft solutions."

Şerif Halil Küçük
Tarım San

"Pegasoft has been a very good guide for us to take important steps both at home and abroad with its global solutions."

Ömer Faruk Güven
Vefa Grup