About Pegasoft


Pegasoft has undertaken an important mission in the IT industry with a decision taken in 1992. With the management problems in all geographical regions of Turkey, our company meticulously examined the use of computer software error in the kernel modules and has prepared an ideal ERP architecture for about 4 years. As a result, Pegasoft Business Software was created to meet the different needs of organizations in different sectors in the most ideal way. With 25 years of experience, our company continues to produce programs that focus on consumer demands and needs, without compromising change and development.


Corporate Awareness

Corporate Awareness

Since the day it was founded, Pegasoft has managed to be at the top of many platforms with its professional business understanding, young and dynamic staff, and complete hundreds of projects without compromising its goals and principles. Human rights are also important to Pegasoft. It never hesitates to openly express its support in this matter and does not engage in activities that are against human rights. It acts in accordance with the laws and traditions of the countries in which it operates, creates value for the development of these countries, and provides the necessary support for the fight against financial crime and corruption.


25 Yıllık Deneyim

25 Years of Experience

As we leave 25 years of expertise behind, we have the honor of serving with our understanding of service, which is a synthesis of international standards and our local experience. We produce solutions with effective analysis of needs by listening to customer requests. We produce efficient and accurate work to reach the target audience quickly with the right strategy. We do not intend to stop in the future. We will continue to add value to our experience with our investments in our software and human power.


Ölçeklendirilebilir Hizmet

Scalable Service

We set out to meet our customers with the best service quality, our priority in our understanding of service is customer satisfaction. Thanks to our strong team and solid infrastructure, we keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level. Thanks to our dynamic structure, we can respond to the needs of the day in the fastest way possible.


Müşterilerimize Karşı Sorumluluklarımız

Responsibility Towards Our Customers

We prepare our customers' needs and what they want from us in the shortest time and in the correct manner and present them completely. We offer our professional services in accordance with Pegasoft policies; ethical, technical and professional rules. We only offer the services we can provide, and we definitely avoid commitments that we cannot fulfill. We accurately determine and report the response of our services so that we can obtain precise information. Our first rule in our business and relationships is honesty. We act on the principle of honesty with our customers and employees. We carefully protect the confidential and private information of our customers. We avoid disclosing confidential information about the activities of the companies we work with, and we share this information only with the relevant institutions and organizations within the framework of the determining authorities.


Hukuki Sorumluluklarımız

Responsibility Towards the Law

We act in accordance with the laws and rules of the countries in which we operate and deliver accurate and understandable information to the relevant authorities on time. While conducting our business, we approach all of them equally without expecting any interest from any political party, public institution and organization, or non-governmental organization, we accept this responsibility for ourselves and act in accordance with corporate governance practices.