Human Resources

Human Resources

Pegasoft is an innovative software company that offers creative solutions to the needs of its customers in the technology and information sector. We offer different software options that can meet all the needs of our customers in the most comprehensive way by following the developing technologies at all times.

In our team that continues to work with the principle of valuing people and employees; Elements such as correct communication, supporting different perspectives and creating an effective work environment are of great importance. While we produce our software in a way that will provide effective and successful results, we do not compromise the cooperation policy we follow within the team. We achieve reliable and quality results in our work with the activities we carry out to contribute to the careers of all employees and the efficient working environment we have created with care.

Eğitim ve Gelişme

Training and Development

The various software options we offer are developed in a work environment where training is often included. Our employees closely follow the developing software technologies and are subjected to a wide variety of training about the updates and developments we apply. With the benefits of various interviews, meetings and other activities where different perspectives are encouraged, we create software that provides creative and versatile results.

All of our work is carried out through an understanding of cooperation that allows innovations and advances. While producing world-class software tools, we also attach importance to contributing to the strengthening of our employees' career paths. Creativity is supported in every field with the training conducted at Pegasoft, which produces software that is always open to innovation and developed with different thinking structures.


Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Pegasoft; It has a structure that focuses on respecting its customers and employees, and develops its working understanding in line with the innovations brought by the era. To our employees; We offer a working environment in which the principles of equal rights and fair behavior are adopted. Our team, always acting with the awareness of responsibility, honesty and effective division of labor, follows a policy based on the principles of work ethics and mutual respect. Under our corporate values, we always aim to achieve successful works by creating a pleasant working environment that supports productivity and creates a place for creativity for our employees.



Pegasoft's Advantages and Opportunities

Focusing on providing both a creative and professional service in the sector, Pegasoft allows its employees to benefit from a wide variety of advantages. At Pegasoft; While working on our services that provide sectoral solutions focused on eliminating the deficiencies in accordance with the latest developments in software, you can also take steps to advance your career. In a working environment where your potential is taken into account and its development is supported, you can be a part of projects open to innovation, including current issues such as artificial intelligence studies.

In order to contribute to the development and career advancement of all our employees and to offer our customers the service they seek, we continue to keep the process highly efficient from the first stage of the working environment. As Pegasoft, we proudly continue to offer effective, high quality, reliable and innovative solutions to both our employees and our customers in the activities we carry out.